Due to development and for the convenience of our clients, our sales department moved into a new, big, bright and cozy office which is located in territory of the factory "Krasny Oktyabr" at the address:

Bersenevsky lane house 2 building 1

The nearest metro stations:
Kropotkinskaya and Polyanka .

We look forward to seeing you in our new office! For all questions, you can contact your manager on the phone: 8 800 550 82 92

Wattson - is a leader in the Russian mining market.

Every day we sell and host equipment for mining cryptocurrency and it includes hundreds of devices. Our shop for miners offers equipment for mining bitcoins (primarily, it's the top asic s9) directly from the largest manufacturers - Bitman, Baikal, iBeLink, WhatsMiner and others. And what is most importantly, all machines are always available in any quantity in our office and online store.

Sales of mining equipment
  • — 50% of our company is the sales department

    Do you understand what that means? The lion's share of the employees is engaged in selling machines and hosting throughout Russia. Due to that we have taken a leading position on the market. And this means that we can afford to give our clients the best prices.

  • — Internet-shop of mining equipment

    Here you can see the specifications, prices and manufacturers of all devices. All products are always available in our office.

  • — Partnership programs

    We are constantly updating our offers for partners. Because we know that their success - is our success as well.

Hosting equipment for mining bitcoin in our mining-hotels
  • — We install mining equipment purchased in our shop

    Why to waste energy, time and nerves on professional equipment installation in your home or garage. You can give it to our hosting immediately after purchase and you forget about all the problems at once.

  • — We take for hosting the clients devices

    Have you miners already, but their service becomes expensive with each passing day? We will be happy to take them to our hosting. By the way, it doesn't matter where you live, we take devices from all over Russia.

  • — Maintenance 24/7

    Our machines are constantly checked online, and all malfunctions are immediately removed by the engineers. All this you can always track in the application on your phone.

The First Russian Mining Institute
  • — All speakers  — are practical miners

    Stop listening to people who know everything only in words and who have never seen a miner. Everyone you'll hear from us -  are businessmen, engineers, electricians, and what is mostly important -  they are mining themselves.

  • — Timely problems and their solution

    We will consider the problem that have just come on the market and  we are to settle them. What most people will face tomorrow, we can consider and arrange  already today.

  • — Practical tips to improve efficiency and profitability

    No water. Only real cases, tips and life hacks

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